Segmentation Studies

Segmentation StudiesWhen it comes to segmentation studies, the digital marketplace tends to take one of two paths – targeting too many segments, or targeting segments that don’t really exist. At King Brown Partners, we’ve too often seen market research end in a sort of simplified target persona that muddles the message. We know that for market segmentation to be truly effective, you must use the available data to distinguish real people, not mythological targets.

Traditional approaches to marketing research often come up against a host of issues that limit a business’ approach for specific targets. General information doesn’t give the right context for message positioning, and even segmentation can come up short if the data attempts to cast too wide a net. In reality, the most intelligent move is to use both qualitative and quantitative segmentation studies alongside whip-smart analysis in order to tease out true, qualified personas.

Taking a more well-rounded and focused track allows for versatility and concrete action that typical research approaches can’t match. Today’s markets are competitive and complex, and in order to create effective plans, the practice of segmentation must be taken to the next level. Our approach isn’t just to make the issue clear, it’s to provide compelling answers with the explicit goal of helping our clients build competitive products and services, develop powerful messaging, and identify the most valuable prospects.

With over twenty years of experience and a consistently innovative strategic approach, we are always ready for the next challenge. Get more out of your market research with solid, practical plans of action. Contact us today for more information.