Persona Development

Persona Development King Brown Partners is a marketing research firm that offers modern-day strategies by utilizing persona development, rich positioning, and other quantitative research techniques. Our approach goes beyond simple research and into helping our clients develop the most competitive offerings and target the most valuable customers.

Too often, market research is viewed too broadly, and the resulting buyer persona is either non-existent or far too general. This is essentially useless in a fast-paced marketplace where decisions must be made at often breakneck speed to maintain relevancy. We understand this need intimately and have built a business consultancy firm based not only on research, but on constructing real world strategy that utilizes positioning development and messaging based not only on hard data, but the intelligent analysis of that data.

We are agile and quick on our feet, working fast to keep up in today’s digital environment. Our specialty is navigating complex markets currently undergoing change, which is a common issue as technology advances and more marketing moves through digital channels. With all of the currently available market research, persona development can be difficult when the target’s painted too broadly, or misinterpreted entirely. We’re not interested in doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s ineffective, so we've put our heads together to improvise and create strategic methods that go beyond research and into rethinking the way you do business.

Whatever your goals are, we’re always ready to rise to the challenge. Your business is a puzzle we’re ready to solve, and we’ll come out with a clear plan and direction for your marketing. You’ll have personas to help you target real people and solid next steps to target the most valuable new prospects. To begin, call on us today.