Online Surveys

Online SurveysLike everything else we do at King Brown Partners, we decided to reinvent the approach to online surveys. Our proprietary service at removes guesswork and acts as an affordable alternative to the traditional do-it-yourself survey tools. Performing your own research with imperfect tools or surveys that are too large for your purposes is counterproductive, and any market research firm worth their salt should be able to provide you with quantitative research that better suits your needs.

With accurate data collection, analysis, reporting, and questionnaire development, you’ll be able to get all the information a qualified business strategist could provide for an affordable price. If you’re at an impasse and looking for the information that will give you a clear direction, online surveys are a way to get the data you need. The alternative is relying on hunches and instinct, and while you may be well-attuned to your market, that doesn’t always mean your intuition is correct. Hard data will give you solid answers, and our service will help remove the pressure of finding the time to run an online survey yourself by saving you time and energy.

Our approach has always been to start at the end, pinpointing the questions that need answers as well as the ultimate marketing goal. Once there’s a pin in the map, you’ll know which direction to go when it comes to research. Visit for help solidifying your next steps.

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